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SCJJB Reports 

Meeting Minutes

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Socorro County Juvenile Justice Board is to positively impact and
enhance the lives of our youth to prepare them for a productive adulthood.
Mission Statement:

The mission of the Socorro County Juvenile Justice Board is to develop a
community network to serve and support the success of our youth and families in a positive, professional and
organized manner.

The Socorro County Juvenile Justice Board’s primary charge is to originate, coordinate,
execute and implement strategies and programs that seek out and obtain state, federal and other sources to
fund and support initiatives, programs, services and activities that prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency and
gang affiliation and involvement of children, and that increase the protective factors around children and youth.
The second charge to the Juvenile Justice Board is to develop a juvenile justice plan that covers the spectrum of
prevention, intervention, and treatment strategies designed to address and encourage youth, parent, school
and community involvement and interaction in reducing at-risk behaviors and in increasing protective factors

Socorro County Juvenile Justice Board 

Meeting Agendas


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